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Virtual CFO Business Services

Virtual CFO (VCFO)

You determine the scope

Our Virtual CFO services are designed to help you make sound financial decisions.

Financial Strategy

Sound foundations

This is the cornerstone of your business organisation. It is pivotal to how you plan your future, implement improvements such as software, hardware and other technology, capitalise on opportunities, and plan ahead for downturns.

Advantages of a VCFO

Reducing risk & reliance

Our VCFO method is designed to reduce your risk, replacing a reliance on a single person with a pool of financial & industry talent readily accessible to your enterprise.

Flexibility With Reduced Costs

Keep the business nimble & dynamic

A Virtual CFO approach will allow you to implement systems and improvements while maintaining flexibility and lowering your fixed costs, helping to keep your business profitable, growing and healthy.


Making Sense of Your Accounts

Deriving meaning and value

If you are struggling to make sense of your accounts, and derive useful meaning to help execute your strategic plan and communicate with key stakeholders including staff and financiers – a Virtual CFO might be just the right option in optimising your finance function.

In engaging a VCFO, you’ll have access to the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • properly form-up your strategic plan with you
  • analyse key data relating to both your business performance and industry
  • bounce ideas off and support you as a business owner
  • help implement your strategic plan – the “big picture” – in a way which is normally well beyond the expertise of a bookkeeper

Cloud Technology

Unleashing the value of software

Cloud technology and the emergence of advanced online software solutions including MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero, are revolutionising the form and structure of organisations accounting function.

In short, these technologies magnify the prospect of outsourcing many aspects of your finance and accounting roles. Moreover, traditional needs that may have ordinarily been out of reach, are now more widely accessible. Another benefit is the impartial nature of a VCFO, since they aren’t employed directly by you, so will be motivated to create ongoing, tangible value.

With the above technology advances, you can now receive deeper and more specialised support over your entire financial process, without having to rely on a single person – or commit to the process of employing such a professional.


Draw on the collective wisdom of the ABS professional network

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VCFO’s are becoming increasingly popular as a smarter and more suitable solution to businesses, due to their flexibility and access to a low-cost spectrum of well-networked professionals.
A VCFO works alongside the business ownership and management team in a business partnering role. They take ownership of the finance function and help steward direction with high-level guidance in designing and executing the strategic plan.
Obtain access to high level financial guidance and expertise that is normally out of reach for emerging businesses.

Virtual CFO services help bridge this void in achieving your business objectives, helping your organization transition to the next level.

Our aim is to help you achieve the critical mass required to take that leap of faith and put on specialist CFO resources in a more fixed or even permanent position.
Meantime, the ABS Virtual CFO business services can satisfy this shorter timeframe void.
Try it – get in touch today for a discussion of your needs.


Reach beyond pure accounting to our wider platform of business services

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New technologies and digital disruption is breaking down many of the barriers traditionally faced by smaller organizations, especially start-up’s.

Access to online software is creating virtually boundless opportunity to access a wider range of resources.

This is especially so in the financial space, from operational management and systems through to senior technical and strategic advice.
Welcome to the world of Virtual CFO’s.
Where you can enjoy the benefits of expert financial counseling and expertise, previously only available to larger enterprises.
Australian Business Services – an edge in business.


We can take care of your finance function and offer strategic value to you.

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