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SME’s & Start-ups


Beginning a new venture can involve a labyrinth of steps and many questions to address, including but not limited to:

  • choice of business structure – sole proprietor, partnership, incorporated company, trust
  • hybrid structure that may involve becoming a franchisee, or you may be aiming to franchise a concept yourself in the near term
  • registering a business trading name
  • establishing a brand – logo design, masthead, and possible trademark
  • reserving a domain name – is the desired URL available, and what extension is suitable for me, for instance .com or (there may be implications for SEO and other purposes)
  • building a website
  • social media – deciding what forums are suitable to your target audience, understanding best practice in digital media campaigns, and ensuring the required social handles or account names are available eg. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • arranging appropriate insurances
  • preparing a business plan
  • marketing material & advertising strategy, including printed collateral and business stationery
  • choosing a suitable method of accounting software and who will manage the bookkeeping process
  • obtaining an ABN – do you also need to register for GST?

There are many factors to consider, quite apart from the strategic plan you develop to set about achieving your vision. Decisions you make early-on can have critical implications to achieving your plan over time.

Australian Business Services can assist you in this challenging journey.


If your business is visionary, unique or ground-breaking, there may be additional demands in achieving your strategic vision.

Whether yours is:

  • a new or emerging start-up, looking for venture risk capital, resources and wisdom from external providers; or
  • an established organisation, looking to expand horizontally into new activities, requiring a more complex structure or planning to protect against potential risks and reach your potential

a more rigorous advisory framework might be required.

In some cases, these specialty areas may stretch beyond our service offering. In determining that environment, we will use our best endeavours to work with you in exploring your options and what package of critical needs are required.

ABS can provide advice & guidance in these early-stage assessments, and have broad experience in getting the fundamentals right, to choose what avenues are best to launch or capitalise on a viable business opportunity.

We’ve been down this road before ourselves, and can speak with practical experience from our professional networks.

Whether its helping with the initial stages of planning and capital structure, or getting more into the detail of raising capital and implementing your plans, ABS have sound methods to help execute your mission.

We can provide an impartial sounding board early-on, to avoid making key mistakes and maximise your precious time resources in leading the market with your new initiative.

Australian Business Services can assist you in this challenging journey.