Stay on the ball in your business.

A common mistake that people and, more to the point – entrepreneurs – make, is to think that they can “catch up later”. It’s a falsehood. Falling behind in the back-end is the surest way to failure and one of the pitfalls of trying to succeed with your front-of-house.

ABS apply knowledge and experience to helping you create value, while you get on with the big picture.

Get your foundations sound from day-dot. Allocate an hour or two each week to sitting down with specialists like ABS, share your wisdom and learn from theirs.

Australian Business Services are an idea factory on many different perspectives of business.  Systems. Accounting. Marketing. Online know-how, from website construction through to SEO and SEM strategies.

Surround yourself with successful people – that is a wise choice. You don’t have to be the most intelligent person in the room, but you will be the smartest if you get the best help.

Spend some of your time – maybe 5% – seeking out and asking people about the grey areas where you might learn some new things to apply in your operations.

Give consideration to finding a business coach, or a mentor – somebody whom you look up to and admire, to bounce ideas off from time to time and be a sounding board for challenges that you are facing, or prospects and proposals you might be considering.