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ABS can provide a sounding base to put things on the table and get an overall picture of where you or your business are at – or both.

Obtaining an independent perspective may consider some pathways or options that are readily apparent to you – such as business sale or merger.

A financial health check might lead you to a “business doctor” – a specialist who can help navigate this journey to transition, or winding up activities in the best manner possible.

Financing Arrangements

As you enter a phase of trading distress, it is important to ensure you have good banking relationships.

Preserving these and being on the front-foot, keeping your financiers in the loop of the challenges and how you are adjusting your strategies to deal with them, can be an important step to navigate through the turbulence.

ABS can assist with this process, or direct you to specialists within this field.


Even the very best of businesses can suddenly find themselves in rough waters – that is the nature of the game.

Sudden shocks to the system can have ripple effects and very quickly manifest themselves in different ways. Not all risks can be completely eradicated, although sound planning and advice can help contain or mitigate these events, be preparing for them.

External Events

These can include (but not necessarily limited to):

  • sudden change in government policy
  • material movement of currency exchange
  • natural disasters – flood, cyclone, bush fire
  • collapse of major customer or supplier

can cause sudden and unexpected changes, with immediate effect.

In these situations, ABS can help provide advice. But be prepared for these times – they occur to virtually all businesses at one time or another, so strong management, systems and financial planning will be well rewarded.