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Home Co-investment


Australian Investment Services help home buyers get into your own home using a co-investment model.

AIS recognise the increasingly difficult up-front hurdle of saving for a deposit large enough to get started.  This initial hurdle is a significant one, but we have designed a strategy to counter that, and get you into a home quicker, where you share the equity with us and have the flexibility to increase your share of the property over time.

There are lots of benefits from this opportunity, including preserving some of your assets to diversify into other investment options.  But put simply, you can now move into your own tailor-built home, enjoy the stability and comfort of a new home for your family, and get earlier access to the potential upside of rising values.

Lock-in your future lifestyle plans at today’s prices, with the flexibility to add to it later while living and maintaining your home outside of the traditional rental market with greater freedom to style your home as you want it.


In broad terms, AIS will work with you to custom build a home using our design and construction team, and tailor an investment strategy which involves sharing ownership of the property.

Depending on your preferred investment level and initial deposit, part of your monthly rent will go towards covering your percentage share of the completed property, with the balance going to cover rent which we use to meet the rest of the mortgage or other borrowings over the course of the loan.

AIS effectively allow you to speed-up the process of purchasing your home and use our resources to cover the rest of the initial deposit.

You then have the option over time to increase your ownership component, as you accumulate more capital over time in topping-up that initial deposit.

A greater portion of your rent therefore goes toward growing your ownership share in the home asset.