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Advisory Services


Australian Business Services take a forward-thinking approach.

It isn’t just about staying on top, day-to-day. With the right team of accountants, that should be the easier part.

Take a leap forward, that should be your plan. If you can manage the detail well, you can put aside some time to think about your next jump forward. Collect your thoughts, and utilise our technical expertise to put together a convincing plan for the future.

ABS have well-developed business and financial modeling techniques to benefit your business. That’s what we do. It makes accounting more interesting – using numbers and big data to create projections that turn the sometimes dull part into the fun bit.

Not all “bean-counting” is boring. It comes down to what part of your business it might prove helpful to.

When the output of the:

bookkeeping procedures (clerical and data entry); and

accounting process (verification of historical accuracy through reconciliation and reporting)

is analysed properly by an experienced CFO, it will tell a story of where you have gone, and where the organisation could be propelled to in the future by carefully optimising its operating plan.

It will give clearer insight into:

  • the arena’s and emphasis in which you will be active, such as locations, market segments and product/service categories, or adoption of key technologies
  • the vehicles by which you will get there
  • how you differentiate your product or service and overall brand in the market
  • the speed & sequence or ‘staging’ of your moves,

and finally, the central economic logic of how to obtain a return from doing so.


ABS can help implement your strategic plan.

Taken together, your:

Mission (purpose, values)

Objectives (specific targets)

Analysis (industry position, trends, customers and competitors, and how you evaluation your position within this framework using tools such as a SWOT)

guide your strategy, which in turn determines what is required to ensure you achieve that plan.

To address the key elements of your strategy, you will variously tend to look at issues in your organisations arrangements such as:

  • business or entity structure – the nature and form of stakeholder relationships
  • activities – defining and communicating the various dimensions of your operations in the process of planning, policies & procedures
  • processes – how well things operate collectively, and different activities work together in combination to maximise profit and other outcomes
  • people – how do you encourage and motivate a team so as to align their goals and values with the the activities of the business
  • measurement systems – how do you reward these in order to recognise positive behaviours to build a more consistent and transparent culture

ABS have strong experience in addressing these questions, with systems and expertise to improve your strategy design and implementation.

Have you considered our Virtual CFO services?

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